Scholar for Life: A Lesson in Civics from 14th Century Sienna

Scholar for Life: A Lesson in Civics from 14th Century Sienna
Thursday, November 5, 6:00 PM
Professor Berel Lutsky will looking closely at Lorenzetti’s fresco paintings done for the “Sala de Nova” in the Palacio Publico of Sienna Italy in the early 1300’s. The paintings cover three of the four walls and are entitled the “Allegory of Good Government” , “The Effects of Good Government”, and the “Effects of Tyranny.” Beyond their literal meaning for the people of 14th century Sienna are some important ideas about citizenship and governance that are well worth revisiting. This public lecture series is in partnership between UW-Manitowoc and the Lester Public Library. The series meets the mission of both institutions, in essence, providing access to lifelong learning that enhances our lives and community. Scholar for Life programs will be hosted in the Lester Public Library’s Community Room. No registration is required.



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